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parts-accessories-inventoriesParts and Accessories Best Practices
Best Practices: Parts & Accessories Inventories
Here are some best practices to help your parts department improve their efficiency and bottom line.

Service Management Best Practices
The 9th Edition Service Management Guide Available
The expanded Service Management Guide offers 99 pages of average work unit times for the most basic service functions performed by competent RV technicians.

The SMG is designed to provide reasonable guidance relative to the time required for competent technicians to complete assigned tasks. It is an important part of the service management system, but it is not intended to be the sole determinant of prices or rates charged in the sale of service.

The RV Learning Center for Service Operations Employees

The RV Learning Center’s resources can help service department employees to improve their RV diagnostic and repair skills, customer relations skills, and share new ideas on how to go the extra mile that can make or break customer loyalty.

Order Products and Resources for Service Operations Employees


Certification: Service Advisor
Register for the RV Service Advisor Certification
The Certified RV Service Advisor examination gives working RV service advisors an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of a basic body of knowledge in the operational, technical, and human relations skills that help service advisors improve customer satisfaction and make the service and repair processes more efficient.

RV Service Advisor: Resource and Reference Guide
Click here for more information on how to order the RV Service Advisor Resource and Reference Guide. The Guide has more than 60 pages of information for service advisors, including a Job and Skills Analysis outlining the duties of a well-rounded RV Service Advisor and a collection of basic information and references every Service Advisor should know.

2005 Service Advisor Training
Here’s your chance to increase customer satisfaction and repeat business in the service center! The RV Service Advisor Training Program is designed to give RV service advisors a good overall understanding of the position so they can communicate effectively with customers and RV technicians.

The RV Learning Center for Parts and Accessories Operations
With dealerships’ Parts and Acccessories operations having such a critical impact on the dealership’s bottom line, RV Learning Center content is available to assist dealership employees in being more effective, creating high levels of customer satisfaction, and being more profitable.

Order Products and Resources for Parts and Accessories Employees

NEW Parts Employee Certification Available Through the RV Learning Center
After extensive work by RV parts experts and The Ohio State University, the RV Learning Center is launching a Parts Specialist and Parts Manager Certification Program in January, 2006. Continue…

AfterMarket Best Practices
Strategies for AfterMarket Stores: Variable Margins
How can using the concept of “variable margins” help you to set the right price for RV parts and accessories?

Part and Accessories Inventory: Best Practices
Here are some of the best practices that can help your parts department improve efficiency and profits.

Build Up Your Parts and Accessories Store by Working with Your Distributor
RV dealers rely on RV wholesalers for rapid delivery of parts and accessories, technical assistance, dating terms, and product education. On-time delivery and high fill rates are expected standards in today’s market. But, what other valuable services do wholesalers offer that can enhance your bottom line?

Accounting Best Practices
The Right Time to Sign on the Dotted Line
Q. Should F&I representatives ask their customers to sign the title paperwork first?
A. Prime presentation time is the first 20 minutes after crossing the threshold of the F&I office. Why waste precious minutes obtaining signatures on documents that may need to be rewritten? Instead, follow these steps to a more efficient method of securing paperwork.

Cashiers Check Scam Artists Continue to Target RV Dealers
RVDA continues to receive reports about various scams using fake or stolen cashier’s checks to buy and rent units.

Use Caution When Accepting Credit Cards Over the Phone
Recently RVDA has received several calls about credit card fraud. Learn what you can do to protect your dealership from becoming a victim of credit card fraud.

Some Things Old & Some Things New
My file cabinets are full. Can I toss credit bureaus and bank turndown notices?

What Does the FICO Score Mean on a Credit Report?
This article discusses what a FICO score means and how you can use it in determining how you extend credit.

The Value of Tracking F&I Performance
This article discusses the importance of tracking F&I performance.

Cashier’s Check Scam: Targeting RV Dealers
RVDA continues to receive reports about various scams using fake or stolen cashier’s checks. This article reviews what you can do to protect yourself.

The Right to Reserve
The Consumer Federation of America, a consumer interest group, is leading a California initiative to limit a dealership’s reserves participation to $150 per finance contract. Faced with this challenge, Jan Kelly writes about what dealers add to the financing equation that actually assist consumers. Read about these four critical elements.

Retail F&I for RV Dealerships: The Future of E-applications
This article reviews the virtual future of retail F&I. Where will RV customers take the buying process?

Compliance and Regulatory Issues
New Federal Rule Requires Dealers to Properly Dispose of Consumer Credit Reports and Other Sensitive Information
The rise of “identity theft” means RV dealers and others who pull credit reports or collect other sensitive consumer information, such as employment records, during the course of doing business must be especially careful to protect that information from would-be thieves.
The article outlines how dealers can comply with a new federal rule, which requires businesses to use “reasonable measures” when disposing of this information.

Identity Verification-Is Your Dealership Breaking the Law?
Did you know that you are required to screen all customers against the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) list of potential terrorists, money launderers, and drug traffickers? It’s true. And businesses that fail to comply risk serious legal and financial consequences.

An Important Reminder About Federal Cash Reporting Requirements
Congress and the Bush Administration want to make it clear to RV dealers and all other vehicle dealers, that they will not accept would-be money-launderers’ dirty money. This article will help you stay compliant with federal cash reporting regulations.

What Every Dealer Needs to KNow About F&I Regulations
The following Q&A with Washington State Attorney General Christine Gregoire highlights some of the biggest violations dealers commit every day in F&I. Although some answers provided are from the Washington Attorney General’s office, the interpretations apply to dealers in all states.

Is a Privacy Notice Still Required When I Complete a Customer’s Credit Application?
Find out how the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act affects when your dealership uses a privacy notice.

Back to Basics- Credit Reports 101
The credit report is a tool essential to almost any consumer finance transaction. Most finance companies require that businesses like RV dealerships undergo some form of prequalification before submitting a loan application. Here’s how to hone your understanding of the key elements that make up a credit report.

Why do F&I Personnel Need to Have an Insurance License?
In this article Jan Kelly explains why your F&I personnel need to have an insurance license even though they don’t write insurance.

Tips for Dealer Compliance with The FTC’s Information Safeguarding Rule
The Federal Trade Commission has new compliance requirements for motor vehicle dealers who offer finance and insurance products. The “Safeguards Rule” requires dealers to develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive, written information-security program designed to protect their customers’ sensitive personal information from identify theft and other misuse. Here’s how to ensure your

Handling Negative Trade Equity Situations
This fact sheet reviews the issues associated with the “being upside down”, technically known as “negative trade equity.” This buyer’s situation requires special attention in the F & I process.

The ABC’s of Regulation Z: Complying with “Truth In Lending” Advertising Requirements
In this informative article, Jan Kelly, President and CEO of Kelly Enterprises, presents information on truth in lending law, “trigger” terms used in advertising, and other important aspects of this Federal directive. It is the dealer’s responsibility to become familiar with all provisions of the Federal Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z) and to ensure dealership advertisements are in compliance with these Federal directives.

RV Loan Interest Deduction
RV Loan Interest is Often Tax Deductible
Often, interest paid on an RV loan is tax deductible as home mortgage interest. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has laid out rules for determining when this interest is tax deductible.

The RV Learning Center for Rental Dealers & Rental Professionals

Employees can use the RV Learning Center to gain valuable insights into changes in customer demographics, ways to improve customer satisfaction and build the operation’s bottom line while providing customers with a satisfying, enjoyable RV-rental vacation.

Order Products and Resources for Rental Dealers and Rental Professionals Image

Accounting Best Practices
Safeguarding and Building Your Rental Company’s Credit Rating
An important element in obtaining financing is keeping your credit report in good shape. Here is some advice from the Small Business Administration (SBA) on building and keeping a good business credit rating.

Providing & Reducing Chargebacks on RV Rental Transactions
Credit cards are an important part of the RV rental business, but a chargeback can have a big impact on your bottom line. Jose Antonio Valdes, fraud investigator and assistant vice president of First Union’s Card Products Division in Miami, provides some guidelines to reduce the impact of chargeback on your rental business.

Successful Advertising Guidelines for Rental Businesses
Here are some rental advertising guidelines that can help increase your visibility to your customers. Remember, a well-planned and consistent advertising program is essential to the growth and prosperity of your rental business.

Compliance and Regulatory Issues
Conversion: The Laws and What You Need to Do to Protect Your Rental Vehicles
Conversion is a civil tort committed when a renter fails to return rented personal property, such as a rented vehicle and is also a crime in some states. In 12 states mere failure to return a rented vehicle within a statutory period after the due-in date is a crime, and local police departments are authorized to arrest the customer who refuses to return a rented vehicle, or put the converted vehicle on a list of stolen vehicles circulated throughout the state. In other states, however, rental companies must jump through one or more hoops to change this civil misdeed to a crime so that the police departments will take action.

Customer Profiles
Rental Customer Demographics: Know Your Customer
Including those who rent RVs, there are an estimated 25 million RV enthusiasts in the United States. What else should you know about your customer?

Hiring the Right Employees: Moving From Good to Great!
Today’s consumers want to interact with friendly, knowledgeable and satisfied employees in their business dealings, including renting an RV. Hiring the right people is crucial to your success-it’s one of the key building blocks for going from “Good to Great,” according to Nancy Boyer of Boyer, Dimich & Associates.

RV Technician Magazine
keeps you up-to-date
on the latest information regarding:
* Training/Tech Certification Info
* New Products & Updates
* Recall Listings
* Advice from Industry Experts
* Best Practices for Service Advisors
* RV Tech Industry News
and much more! If your career goal is to make RVing a smooth and enjoyable ride for your customers, this magazine is an essential tool.

Distance Learning


Having a successful career, but being able to continue and further your education can become a hassle. Finding time to travel to different locations to be trained is not always an option in a busy field, such as an RV Technician. The distance learning network offers satellite and broadband internet training that can be broadcasted straight to your dealership, allowing for on the spot training without worrying about training locations or missing a day of work

Troubleshooter Clinics assist RV dealerships through 40 hours of intensive classroom training and hands-on experience. The clinics help technicians quickly diagnose and repair most major RV component parts and make successful repairs on the first attempt. During these sessions, technicians receive a comprehensive review of the most important RV systems from industry experts. For a program brochure and registration, please click here.
The Learning Center Faculty

Who Are the RV Learning Center’s Faculty?
The RVDA Education Foundation has worked with well-established industry trainers to ensure the dealership-department based curricula are taught to the highest standard. As RV Learning Center faculty, these trainers bring years of industry experience to RV Learning Center course work and continue to provide the strongest educational programming in the industry.

Meet the RV Learning Center Faculty:
Kelly Enterprises

Kelly Enterprises is a full service training and consulting company for the RV, auto & marine industries. Founded by Jan Kelly in 1989, Kelly Enterprises is dedicated to increasing dealer profits through increasing customer satisfaction and building customer retention. Jan Kelly has a dynamic presentation style using humor and real world examples.Learn more…

Marzahn & King Consulting, Inc.

Marzahn & King deliver professional consulting and training in all phases of dealership operations to help the dealership reach its full potential. Chuck Marzahn and Tom King are well known and recognized consultants and trainers in the Recreational Vehicle industry. They have worked with many dealers at all levels in dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. Learn more…

Motley Consulting and Teaching

Gary Motley serves as a consultant and trainer to RV dealerships on parts and service related issues. He’s conducted a variety of service related workshops at the RVDA Convention and throughout the year. He is a member of the RV Technician review committee and frequent contributor to RV Technician magazine and served as an instructor for RV Learning Center programs over the Distance Learning Network. Learn more…

Sobel & Associates

Sobel & Associates is a national sales training and consulting firm. Established in 1991 by Randy Sobel, the firm has built a reputation for teaching sound sales fundamentals that are enhanced by the most advanced, cutting-edge sales philosophies available. Learn more…

Spader Business Management

Spader Business Management is a full-service, business development company. Spader Business Management is known as a trusted leader in the industries we serve. How did we get there and how will we stay there? Knowledge. Experience. Vision. Learn more…

Life Lessons

Bob Ash, through Life Lessons, offers presentations and seminars that train, inform and motivate on a wide variety of management and organizational behavior topics. Subjects include: team building, personal growth, managing change, and leadership. Learn more…

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